Keith  Westpy

AssociatesBusiness  Advisor

Because experience matters.

In 1980 I started my journey into business, finance, and more specifically, accounting.  I earned my BS in accounting from Montclair State University (although it was a "college" back then), and moved on to Fairleigh Dickinson University where I earned my MBA in corporate finance.

I settled into my first position in accounting in 1984 and never looked back.  God has blessed me with a wealth of experience in several industries, including retail, several types of manufacturing, publishing, construction, software development, and not for profit activities.  Primarily, however, I have spent my days in medical device and pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

I am seasoned in a broad range of skills covering -
  • General ledger setup & transaction processing.
  • Focus on receivables, inventory, prepaids, and various liabilities.
  • Financial statement preparation, analysis and auditing.
  • Budgeting & forecasting.
  • Cash, debt and treasury management.
  • Investment activity, both acquisition and divestiture.
  • Startup activities.
  • Payroll processing and human resource administration.
  • Insurance renewal and other risk management.
  • Corporate and sales tax preparation and filing.

And, despite the fun I have had in these areas, I spent a portion of this time in operations.  In the medical device world, I also served as a general manager and VP of operations where my responsibilities included customer service, purchasing, IT systems, and warehouse operations in addition to accounting and finance.

Along the way I have had varying responsibilities to maintain IT systems, and have also had significant roles in several ERP selections and implementations.

While I have gained a vast body of experience, I also  have many lasting relationships covering various disciplines and can boast a solid bullpen of specialists I will engage as needed.

At this time I volunteer with Piece By Peace NJ, a not for profit run by a family member addressing autism related issues in  the northern New Jersey area.  I am also honing my NFP skills.

I was born in New Jersey where I also have been married and raised my family.

After a career spanning three plus decades I have now transitioned this expertise to the southeast.